Driving Tips for Every Season

Driving Tips for Every Season

The changing of the seasons brings a change in temperatures, which can affect your vehicle. Whether you look forward to the warmth of the sun or appreciate snuggling in your bed during cold winter nights, a new season is a time of new beginnings.

However, as we shift from the winter season 2 spring, here are some driving tips to keep you alert and safe all year round.

Driving Tips for the Spring

The spring season is dedicated to spending time outdoors, enjoying the gentle breeze, and watching the flowers bloom. It’s a season of glorious colors and beautiful smells. On the other hand, as temperatures get warmer and increase compared to the winter season, more cracks tend to appear in pavements, roads, and highways.

As vehicles drive over these cracks, they grow into potholes which can cause a bumpy ride for vehicle owners. You need to be careful when driving over potholes as the increased vibrations and added stress can damage your car.

For example, if there is a preexisting crack in your car’s windshield, the vibrations while driving over potholes might cause this small chip to expand until it becomes a safety hazard. Hence, properly inspect your auto glass before the arrival of spring so that you can repair the small cracks as soon as possible to avoid a complete windshield replacement later.

Driving Tips for Summer

The summer season is the perfect time for thrilling road trips and exciting adventures with friends and family. Before starting your journey, check your vehicle’s oil levels and the oil filter to ensure its functioning efficiently.

Pack an emergency kit to keep in your car, especially for long road trips where you might need essentials like extra water bottles, a first aid kit, jumper cables if the engine dies, etc.

Moreover, there are more vehicles on the road during summertime as more people go on road trips, so it’s essential to be vigilant, practice safe driving, avoid texting while driving, and maintain the speed limit at all times.

Driving Tips for Fall

Fall is an unpredictable season where temperatures can vary between warm and cold. If you live in a region where there’s frost in the mornings, leave enough time before work to properly defrost your windshield without damaging your vehicle’s auto glass.

Many car owners try to scrape off the ice using a knife or scrapers, but this is dangerous and can cause cracks in your windshield. Another call for concern during this season is deer in the middle of the road. It’s better to drive slowly and be alert for any obstruction in your path.

The fall season also brings fog to cities which can decrease visibility, maintain adequate distance from the car in front of you and drive slowly with low beams on, if necessary. Lastly, keep an eye out for wet leaves on the road, which can cause a slippery surface and potentially lead to an accident.

 A man driving in winter on roads covered in snow

Driving Tips for Winter

the most dangerous problems in winter are driving on slick streets, our streets covered with black ice, which causes tires to skid out and might lead to a collision.

If your city or down gets snowfall during the winter, this can severely affect visibility, so it’s better to drive slowly and continuously use wipers to clear away the hail and snow from the surface of the windshield.

It’s also a good idea to get your vehicle fully serviced before winter, including checking fluids and installing winter tires.

The cool temperatures in winter also cause small cracks in the windshield to expand until they compromise the structural integrity of the glass and put the driver and passenger’s safety at risk.

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