Car Care And Maintenance During Covid-19

Car Care And Maintenance During Covid-19

With most states implementing guidelines for the Coronavirus and businesses encouraging its employees to work remotely, you’re bound to find your vehicle parked for a long time in your garage or the driveway.

Cars are meant to be driven, and leaving your car parked for a long time will only cause you unforeseen problems that affect the car’s condition.

Here’s what Houston’s auto glass repair specialists have to say about keeping your car in good condition during the pandemic.

1. Drive your car

You must take your car out for a spin at least once every week; Sunday evenings are the best time to get out and drive around with your friends or family to have a good time but do so following the social distancing guidelines.

When a car is driven, it prevents the battery from discharging and increases its lifespan. In this way, your car battery will never die out or discharge as it’s constantly working.

Leaving a car parked for long intervals also causes other mechanical components to rust over time. This is in no way suitable for your car’s health, as it can even cause your engine to seize.

2. Clean your car

You shouldn’t be surprised if you find your car smelling after leaving it sitting alone for months. The main reason for car odor is food, snacks, beverages, or used wipes forgotten in the vehicle and cause it to smell.

Vacuuming the carpet helps clean all dirt and debris from the vehicle. Thoroughly cleaning your car will remove all odor and even prevent the risk of mildew from developing.

3. Check tires

When left idle for long periods will deflate; there’s also a risk of flat spotting where a portion of the tire’s under-weight becomes flattered as it’s been stationary for a long time. Flat spotting won’t happen if your car is parked for a week or two, but if it’s been parked for a month, this may be enough to cause the problem. You should always check your tire pressure and regularly keep it pressurized so that your car’s tires are long-lasting.

4. Inspect your car windows

Your car’s windows won’t crack or damage on their own, and there’s going to be an external element that causes the damage. In the case of a damaged car window or a windshield, it’s in no way suitable to leave your car parked, let alone out in the open. A broken window attracts car thieves and can lead to a massive loss for you.

One way of getting around this situation during this pandemic is by contacting mobile windshield repair and replacement in Huston. Through mobile maintenance, you follow government guidelines for Covid-19 and maintain the necessary social distance when auto glass repair specialists visit your location to repair your auto glass..

A cracked windshield that needs windshield replacement in Huston, TX

We at Windshields in Houston are an auto glass repair and replacement company in TX.  We also offer window tint services along with affordable mobile windshield replacement in the Houston area.

Our experienced technicians will professionally replace your broken auto glass and repair or replace it according to your needs. Rest assured that we follow all government social distancing guidelines, and our representatives wear a mask at all times.

For more information, contact us today!

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