A Checklist for Car Care Before Winter Season

A Checklist for Car Care Before Winter Season

In February, the winter season was brutal for Texans who suffered from freezing temperatures, unusual levels of snowfall, and a complete power blackout. After a week of this, many people realized that they needed to better prepare for the coming winter seasons to ensure they had the proper resources to stay warm and be safe.

Your car is an asset in the winter season. You need to keep it functioning so you can use it in case of an emergency, such as you or someone you know needing a hospital visit, going to the grocery store to stock up on supplies and food, visiting the local shelter to volunteer for the homeless people, etc.

Here is a checklist that will help you properly take care of your car before the arrival of the next winter season.

Things to Keep in Your Car During Winter Season

Before winter, ensure that you have these tools in your car so that you can use them if they are needed:

  • Jumper cables, if the engine dies
  • Extra car fluids such as engine oil, water for the battery, etc.
  • An emergency kit including warm blankets, energy bars, extra batteries for your flashlight, bottled water, etc.

Proper Maintenance of Your Car Before Winter

It’s essential to get your vehicle fully serviced before winter. The auto experts can check your car’s fluid levels, whether the engine is properly working, if the battery is functioning efficiently, the headlights are in good condition, etc.

Moreover, it’s recommended to get a windshield inspection before winter to check for any small cracks in the auto glass. These chips are barely noticeable during the summer. Still, they can rapidly expand and grow due to the freezing temperatures in winter, compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity and becoming a safety risk.

You need to take steps to protect your engine and ensure it remains at peak performance level by regularly changing your oil and oil filter and replacing dirty air, PCV filters, and fuel.

An essential feature of a car during winter is the tires, so replace all worn tires with new ones and get them outfitted for the winter season. Also, examine the tires for any wear and tear, cupping, and remaining tread to find out if you need to replace them.

A man replacing the tires on a car

Performing Safety Checks on The Car Before Winter

Lastly, it’s vital to perform safety checks on the car to ensure it is functioning efficiently. These safety checks include:

  • Checking brakes to make sure they are working.
  • Checking various fluid levels such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake oil, windshield fluid, etc.
  • Replenishing the stock of antifreeze kept inside the car and storing extra bottles of engine oil and water.
  • Inspecting brake lights, blinkers, and bulbs and replacing any that are cloudy with new ones to improve visibility.
  • Checking the strength of the car battery and getting a new one if it’s weak.
  • Testing their defroster and the heater of the car to make sure they are both working correctly.

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