4 Summer Car Care Tips You Should Know

4 Summer Car Care Tips You Should Know

With summer right around the corner and everyone working on that beach body, we often tend to forget that our vehicles need extra care during the season too.

With high temperatures, dust, dirt, and the occasional shower, summers can often spell trouble for many car owners as these environmental factors can take a toll on your vehicle’s condition.

Here’s what our auto glass replacement experts in Houston, TX have to say about taking care of your car during the summertime.

1. Check your battery

Car batteries are essential components that help the car operate. This component also requires necessary maintenance regularly, especially in the summer. The excessive heat increases the rate at which battery fluid gets low, causing the battery to oxidize.

Heat is one of the most serious causes of reduced battery life. If you feel that the temperature is considerably high, make it an essential task to check your battery, and in the case of less battery fluid, get an expert to take care of it.

2. Monitor tire pressure

Tires bear a lot of strain every day and deserve regular check-ups, but in the summer, you need to be cautious about your tires as the gas in them loses and gains pressure due to the temperature outside.

If not monitored, you could have a sudden flat tire, which would spoil your plans if you decide to go for a summer road trip.

3. Check car fluid

Due to the sudden change in weather, one of the things that changes the most is the car’s fluid. High temperatures outside lead to lower levels of transmission fluid, coolant fluid, power steering fluid, and wiper fluid.

The most important among these is the car’s coolant fluid that needs to be regularly inspected. This is the only element that prevents the vehicle from overheating in the summer heat, preventing it from breaking down, according to the ASE.

4. Maximize visibility

Seeing is essential when you’re behind the wheel. You must inspect your windshield and its wipers thoroughly before the summer season. If you don’t, occasional rain can prove troublesome for you and other drivers around you.

Inspect your car’s windshield, and if you notice any cracks or chips in it, you must get it repaired or even replaced if it’s severely damaged. This will ensure a safe drive even in the rain as you’ll have clear vision.

A cracked windshield that needs a windshield replacement in Houston

If you’re in Houston and your car’s windshield needs repairs or replacement, you now know who to call!

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